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Uni-1 is a space strategy game with hundreds of players playing together at the same time trying to be the best. Everything what you need to the play is a Standard Browser.

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《超新星》军演玩法已更新 在舰队总览页面上面的按钮里寻找前往军演按钮。 打每个关卡前先侦察,并模拟战斗。然后再进行真实军演。 1、每次军演消耗一个补给箱 2、军演要一关一关按顺序攻打,不能越级 3、胜利算过关。首次过关可获得关卡对应的暗物质和补给箱奖励 4、战平和失败无法得到奖励 5、军演无论胜利或失败都不损失舰队